Human body has thousand experiments and experiences even after death


Today I went to cremation ground, where at same point of time three cremations were being done by different classes, out of them one was of poor class, second was of ordinary family and third was of a rich family, it was coincidence. Status of person, who was cremated, was witnessed from respective gatherings. Significant thing was that fire of all three cremation was performing equally without showing any distinction of status, caste or community and one more thing happened that almost every political party has marked their appearance. Such happening is not unexpected in view of on going scenario of election. Out of three personalities, who have left this world and were cremated, I had met one personality many time, one day who had shared with me about his tragedies in simple and sweet manner, which were faced by him and his family at the time of Hindustan- Pakistan partition. Death of him is just like a old bridge of connecting two countries has broken down today.


Journalism is all about headlines and deadlines.

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